The Beta “Brain” Read

The Writer’s Reader offers a unique service called beta “brain” read.  Basically, it is a look into my mind, my thoughts as I read. Questions are noted, not for the writer to answer but for the writer to know what the reader is thinking or not thinking.  If the reader did not “catch”something, a plot hole may exist or there could be an inconsistency of some sort.

A beta “brain” read is  a way of putting some distance between you and your novel, a way to see  it through the eyes of a reader.  Commenting in Word’s track changes feature allows you to follow my line of thinking and by doing this, you will read your novel as a reader will. When I am finished, I offer my writers an opportunity to dialogue with me about any of my comments or their concerns about the novel or the publishing business. I am told that both of these services are extremely beneficial.