Editing Opening Chapters

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After professionally editing and beta reading for both new and established writers, I have noticed a particular need. Often writers are skeptical and unconfident about their first chapters, unsure about the strength of the story or style of writing and indecisive about whether to even continue a particular story. It occurred to me that offering a service to read beginning chapters of potential novels could help writers determine the course of the novel, saving them unnecessary time if an element of the novel is not working. This is not so much an edit but more of a “beta brain read” that allows the writer to know what I am thinking while reading, considering character motivation, conflict, setting, dialogue, language, voice, tone and much more.  If you would like to consider this service, please contact me at sharonumbaugh@gmail.com. Of course, I offer full beta reads as well as complete editing, specializing in literary fiction, contemporary fictions, YA and fantasy.



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